Protection Field

  Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima) The required costs are one million pounds
  Projects implemented Subjectively Financing from various sources Total
    Source Name Value
1 The project of connecting industrial and sanitary wastewater to the company on the sewage lifting station of Aswan city No. (10) and then to the forest forest Balaqi. Subjectively  -   - 0.358
2 Treatment of external emissions from ferrosilicon alloy chimneys project (silica dust filters project)    -   - 7.93
3 Recycling of electrical and mechanical oils using activated bentonite Subjectively  -   - 0.5
4 Rehabilitation of boilers to work with natural gas instead of diesel Subjectively  -   - 1.17
5 Recycling and manufacturing of liquid fertilizer in the fertilizer department Subjectively  -   - 5
6 Separation of oils from industrial wastewater project (oil separators) Subjectively  -   - 0.1
7 Hazardous Waste Disposal Project at the Medical Clinic inside the company and the residential city Subjectively  -   - 0.006
8 Project for the disposal of solid and flammable waste inside the company and the residential city Subjectively  -   - 0.36
9 Project to increase green areas in factories and residential city to reduce pollutants of harmful gases Subjectively  -   - 1
10 The project of installing a closed furnace to produce ferrosilicon alloy and maintain the working environment and thermal stress Subjectively  -   - 47
11 Project of redeveloping the filter unit (increasing the withdrawal of each filter from 65000 m3 / h to 85000 m3 / h), adding a sixth filter with a capacity of 85000 m3 / h and adding a storage silo to eliminate all emissions of the current ferrosilicon chimney Subjectively  -   - 10
12 A - Supply of 1 complete engine pump in the process of modernizing station (10) of the drinking water and wastewater company Subjectively  -   - 1.8
13   Subjectively  -   -  
14 B - Supply of 2 submersible pumps with engine and electrical panel for the rehabilitation of station no. Subjectively  -   - 1.7
15 Contracting with drinking water and sanitation company    -   - Not specified
16 Emissions Treatment from Chimneys of Ferro Silicon Alloy Plant Project (Silica Dust Filters Project)    -   - Not specified
17 Installation of a unit for the collection and recycling of silica dust and the establishment of a store for filled silica Subjectively  -   - Not specified
18 Recycling of electrical and mechanical oils using activated bentonite Subjectively  -   - Not specified
19 Rehabilitation of auxiliary boilers for the production of steam to work with natural gas instead of diesel and self-financing Subjectively  -   - Not specified
20 Rehabilitation of absorption towers and installation of new absorption pumps for the first and second line in the acid department to comply with environmental requirements Subjectively  -   - Not specified
21 Establishing many parks in partnership with EEAA Subjectively  -   - Not specified
22 Connecting the industrial wastewater and sewage of "Kima" to the load of the sewage network of the city of Aswan Balaqi Subjectively  -   - Not specified
23 Install an ammonia coolant to cool the absorption water to reduce acid section emissions Subjectively  -   - Not specified
24 Collection and recycling of gases from nitric acid tanks Subjectively  -   - Not specified
25 Installation of oil separators in the output sections Subjectively  -   - Not specified
26 Control of pollutants in the compost section Subjectively  -   - Not specified