Symbol : NH4NO3

Urea fertilizer

Total nitrogen 46.5%

White granules, high purity

Treatment of Peoria formaldehyde as an antistatic inhibitor

In accordance with the standardization standard No. 2015/1594

Liquid Ammonia

Symbol : NH3



high density Ammonium nitrate

Symbol : NH2CONH2 NH4NO3 " مرتفعة الكثافة "

  • Dense, white prills, AMMONIUM NITRATE
  • High density.
  •  High purity with or without anticacking agent, *
  •  Especially suited for production of (Nitrous oxide) To manufacture of laughing gas for medical and food purposes. " Produced according to: THE EGYPTION STANDARDS ES : 1655 / 2005

PPOROUS PRILLED Ammonium Nitrate

Symbol : NH4NO3

  • White prills have low denisty.
  •  high purity with anticacking agent
  • Production for  for  industrial uses .
  • FUEL OIL ABSORPTION can be produce till Min 8.00% ACCORDING TO CONTRACT    


Symbol :

  • It is on of the best kind of nitrogen fertilizer,High Quality.
  • It is homogeneous liquidto enrich the soil and guaranty lively of plants  plenty of friut .
  • It is Suitable for all kind of crops ( suger cane corn , wheate , cotton , vegetables ,fruit ……ect  ) .
  • It is suitable for  ( mud,  sandy,  loam , lime ) soil .

Ferro silicon

Symbol :

Ferrosilicon alloy production until 75 % silicon

Powder or Flagstones, According to the requirement

Grain size 



Symbol :

  • It is the best kind of Nitrogen fertilizer High Quality
  •  it is light brown prills, Treated with anticaking,
  • guaranty lively of plants and  plenty of friut
  • It is Suitable for all kind of crops ( suger cane corn , wheate , cotton , vegetables ,fruit ……ect  ) .
  •  it is suitable for ( mud,  sandy,  loam , lime )  soil .
  • " Produced according to

The Egyption Standards  Es : 145 / 2016

Licensure  No 44340 – 22 / 12 / 2003

Novo kima fort

Symbol :

  • Fertilizer Novo Kima Fort (N = 22.1 & FO = 5.1 & Ka = 1.40)

    • High-quality fertilizers contain a high concentration of nitrogen in the form of nitrate and ammonium is the best absorption images for all plants, which increases the growth of leaves, which contains the appropriate composition of phosphorus and calcium, enters into all the biological processes within the plant and increases the formation and spread of the veins.

    • It is used for all horticultural field crops, winter service work and ground equipment for new desert lands.

    • Registered at the Ministry of Agriculture No. 2009/2013.


Nitrogen gas with high purity

Symbol : N2

  • Odorless gas with purity reaches to 99.9 %
  • use in the industrial purposes.

liquid Ammonia

Symbol : NH3

Liquid gases with purity reach to 99.9 % use in the industrial purposes.

aqua- Ammonia

Symbol : NH4NO3

Aqueous-Solution contain Ammonia gas with a concentration from 20 %: 30 % use in the Industrial purposes.

Nitric Acid

Symbol : NH3

Color less acid with light yellow color Strong oxidizing agent with a concentration reach to 53% use in the Industrial purposes.

Hydrochloric Acid

Symbol : Hcl

A pure acid with a concentration reach to 28.5% use in the Industrial purposes.


Symbol :



  • It is known as microsilica .

  • amorphous powder with  particlesapproximately100 times smaller than the average cement particle .

  •  it is a highly effective pozzolanic material, .

  • its infrastructure is “SiO2 –X H2O”

  • It is used in  concrete to improve its properties  " compressive strength , bond strength and abrasion resistance " .

  • help in protection reinforcing steel from corrosion .

  • it is by product from the manufacture of ferrosillcon alloy.


Symbol : O2

 Purity :  up to -- 99.5 %


هيدروكسيد الامونيا

Symbol :